Feature–Postcards Magazine Winter 2014


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“More and More families are choosing Alaska as a destination for their next vacation. Alaska cruises are uniquely tailored to teach your children about nature, wildlife and the environment. Onboard, kids can participate in junior ranger programs, enjoy ice cream sundae parties, Karaoke, or pamper themselves at teen spas. If your children love adventure, there’s plenty of dog sledding, zip lining, flightseeing, and high-speed boat excursions to choose from in various ports along your cruise. Adults will enjoy this opportunity to bask in the immensity and raw beauty of Alaska…”

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Feature on Alaska in Postcards Winter 2014


About Emily Benson

About the Bloggers Emily and Robin are newlyweds and free spirits with a great deal of wanderlust who share a fascination with the shifting dynamics of the workplace. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Cornell in political science, Emily planned to become a lawyer, but was hugely disillusioned by her experience working for a major law firm in NYCInstead, shequit her job and went on to get her master’s in creative writing. She is currently an adjunct English professor, both in the classroom and online, a published poet and book reviewer, and aspiring travel writer. She will be contributing much of the writing for this blog. Robin, a graduate of Embry Riddle and former pilot for Delta, had a similarly disillusioning experience working for a major corporation. Forced to spend too much time away from his family, describing his job as “a glorified busdriver”, he realized it might be decades working up the ranks of the airlines before he would be able to do the kind of traveling he dreamed of doing. Robin is an avid outdoor enthusiast, who is technologically gifted. He will be managing and designing the blog behind the scenes as well as providing research on practical tips for digital nomads, and planning many of their adventures. Currently, Robin and Emily have an apartment in Brooklyn that they sublet during their travels, but no permanent home or children, by choice. They are both animal lovers and vegetarians and do have two much-loved cats, Pushkin and Heathcliff, who are cared for by generous family members and friends in their absences. Their lack of expenses and jobs teaching online as well as their resourcefulness in taking advantage of cheap flights and rewards points help them to fund their travels. How they became Digital Nomads When they were deciding where to register for their wedding, they realized they’d rather have experience than blenders or gravy boats, and registered with a fantastic website called Traveler's Joy. Thanks to the generous gifts of their friends and family they were able to take a two-month honeymoon in Europe, visiting seven different countries. They travelled by train to a dizzying array of towns and cities including Paris, Granada, Barcelona, Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri, Ravello, Cinque Terre, and Dublin. When they returned, still reeling from their honeymoon travels, Emily and Robin realized if they budgeted money carefully, their adventures didn't have to end. They determined they could manage to travel for at least four months a year. Emily re-arranged her onsite teaching schedule so she would have summer and winter semesters off to travel. Even when they're in

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